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Jenny Song Schmidt Influencer Marketing

About Jenny Song Schmidt Consulting

I am Jenny Song Schmidt and I am an Influencer Marketing Consultant and German native based in Berlin.

My team and I help companies to navigate the ever-shifting waters of Influencer Marketing, with a focus on performance-based data-driven Influencer Marketing.





In my last role from 2017-2021 I was the Senior Lead Influencer Marketing & Social Media at Gymondo, Germany’s leading online fitness platform for women. From creating the very first Influencer Marketing campaign to continuously testing, Influencer Marketing rose to be the number one acquisition channel of the company. From being alone to leading a team of 10, I quickly learned to both the hands on, and the strategic part in Influencer Marketing. Knowing I would want to eventually quench my thirst for entrepreneurship, I decided to pursue my own journey from 2021.


I now successfully help an array of companies to 

  • set up and/or optimize their influencer marketing processes

  • work with high performing influencers

  • educate teams on influencer marketing

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And past/current
work with


To book me as a consultant, for a workshop or as a speaker, drop me a message

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