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Jenny Song Schmidt Consulting

Hi, I'm Jenny.

I am Jenny Song Schmidt and I am an Influencer Marketing Consultant. 

My team and I help companies to navigate the ever-shifting waters of Influencer Marketing, with a focus on performance-based data-driven Influencer Marketing.

Jenny Song Schmidt Consulting

In my last role from 2017-2021 I was the Senior Lead Influencer Marketing & Social Media at Gymondo, Germany’s leading online fitness platform for women. From creating the very first Influencer Marketing campaign to continuously testing & realizing that this is a viable acquisition channel, Influencer Marketing rose to be the number one acquisition channel of the company. From being alone to leading a team of 10, I quickly learned to both the hands on, and the strategic part in Influencer Marketing. Knowing I would want to eventually quench my thirst for entrepreneurship, I decided to pursue my own journey from 2021.


I now successfully help an array of companies to 

A) set up and/or optimize their influencer marketing processes

B) work with high performing influencers

C) educate teams on influencer marketing

Reach out to me via email or
book a free 20 minute consultation

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