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Jenny Song Schmidt is an expert for all things influencers & social media based in Berlin.

Jen helps companies to navigate the ever-shifting waters of Influencer Marketing, with a focus on performance-based data-driven Influencer Marketing.

Formerly known as the Senior Lead Influencer Marketing & Social Media at Gymondo, Germany’s leading online fitness platform for women, she has been responsible for Gymondo’s success in data driven Influencer Marketing and scaling performance-based collaboration models since 2017. Subsequently, the team rose to be the number one acquisition channel of the company, contributing to the global expansion strategy. Jenny is a former awardee of the „Deutschlandstipendium“ scholarship and an alumna of Universität der Künste „Gesellschafts- und Wirtschaftskommunikation“. She was inspired by her studies at Europe’s biggest art university and her studies at COFA and UNSW Sydney. Recently, she has also re-started her journey as an artist, creating abstract paintings.
Apart from her daily business, she continues to unleash her multiple strategic and creative facets through her art and as a speaker & consultant.


Jenny Song Schmidt
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